What is the reason why dental implants are expensive?

A good tooth is not only linked to the desire of the mouth and stomach, but also to the quality of life. However, whether it is oral treatment or dental restoration, the high price is prohibitive.
An investigation has shown that 40.16% of respondents would give up dentistry for price reasons. Take as an example the “implanted tooth”, which is the best method of restoration for missing teeth at the moment. The price of a tooth is tens of thousands of yuan, which makes many people shout “they cannot afford to grow it”. Why is it so expensive to grow a tooth?

What makes the price of dental implants so high?

In clinical practice, plant technology must be equipped with a highly equipped environment, such as large -scale X -ray diagnostic equipment, clinical surgical equipment, technical equipment, Surgical support equipment and some unique and valuable materials for the restoration of the plant.

Secondly, the prosthesis is made by a team of specially trained implanted surgeons, prosthetic prosthetics, technical installations and corresponding assistants, which require relatively high personnel costs.

Finally, the material limitation of the prosthesis is rigorous. The processing technology of dental implants is complex and extremely accurate. Facilities and accessories are different to meet different repair design needs, so the cost is relatively high.

Maybe some friends still have questions. Let’s go over the details together.

What is the secret of material 01?

Plants (artificial roots) are made of special materials (pure titanium or titanium alloy), have the best biocompatibility and no exclusion with the human body, can be closely combined with alveolar bone tissue and are durable.

The shape of the plant, the design of the wire and the combination of the apartment have gradually evolved through long -term scientific research and clinical testing. Due to its small size, the requirements of the production process and its precision and rigour are necessary.

In addition, almost all brand facilities used in clinical practice are currently imported from abroad, which must be registered and registered by the State Drug Administration. The materials for the plant must comply with the relevant State rules.

Therefore, the cost of composite materials, processing costs and administrative costs in the circulation process will inevitably have a major impact on the cost of dental implants.

Insert a topic on the plant label here, and introduce some common plant brands.

Nobel system in Sweden

This system is called as its founder Professor Branemark and is also called the Nobelpharma system because of its manufacturer. The plant system in Branemark has an indisputable position after a long term observation and is a successful plant system.

ITI Planting System in Switzerland

Since 1974, the ITI system has been successfully implemented and numerous documents and clinical data have been collected.

French Android plantation system

The Anthogar plant system (Android) is the trademark of the French plant system. It is the first imported plant to enter the Chinese market. It has the first SFDA registration certificate for implanted products imported into China.

Dengteng Planting System in Korea

Korea Dengteng cooperates with laboratory experts, dentists and professors with more than ten years of clinical experience to develop stable and reliable products in the long term to fully meet the needs of dentists and surgeons. including FDA and EC of the United States.

02 Who will do the operation?

A new treatment technology needs a lot of manpower and material resources from research and development, maturity to the final clinical application.

To become an excellent prosthodontist implant, we need not only to learn and accumulate a lot in clinical work, but also to have surgical experience, parodontic treatment experience and dental experience.

An excellent Planting Expert tailored a reasonable treatment plan for customers, rigorous operating standards, control of surgical trauma, reduce the risk of surgery, so the implant doctor is the key to successful sowing.

However, experts who specialize in plant technology and have full medical experience are scarce in China, so a medical institute with high -tech talent is destined to invest a lot of labor costs.

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