Teeth also make “midlife crisis” good habits to keep good teeth

The toothache is not a disease, it kills people, everyone knows this proverb well. Dental disease is usually the most easily ignored, but when it comes really, it makes you sleep and eat hard, which seriously affects life.

Zheng, who is less than thirty years old this year, is still a young man in appearance, but his eating habits suggest that he is close to the elderly. Nuts, crispy bones, trippa…I can’t chew!” After work, you may have toothache from bad life habits, but you don’t have much to do with it. “Mr. Zheng said that, unexpectedly, for a long time, he not only suffered from frequent toothache, but also loosened up, The doctors say that Mr. Zheng’s teeth are caused by a severe parodontic disease. The missing teeth caused by dental caries are usually single. Severe periodontal disease can cause teeth to collapse.

More and more young people appear in the hospital dentistry department, faced with the embarrassment of early ageing of the teeth and also of “rest”.Many young people will drag away after lack of teeth, which will lead to absorption of the alveolar bones and soft tissues, The total number of natural teeth in an adult mouth is usually 28 -32. The total number of natural teeth in an adult mouth is usually 28 -32. It’s an orderly arrangement. If some teeth are missing, the team will be in disorder. The nearby teeth will fall in the direction of the missing teeth, and the jaws will lengthen because there are no obstacles. The chewing function of the missing side decreases, and people will be accustomed to lateral chewing. In the long run, it is easy to cause other problems such as the disorder of the occluded relationship.

These bad habits cannot be avoided

Doctors say every person has two sets of teeth in their life. With the loss of deciduous teeth, the eruption of permanent teeth and the appearance of the second set of teeth, will accompany us to old age.

The standard of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for dental health is: 8020, that is, at least 20 functional teeth (i.e. teeth that can chew food normally and not lose) for the age of 80. But in real life, This standard doesn’t reach many people. What bad habits are damaging your teeth?

The first is the problem of brushing teeth. Chen Xia introduced that brushing your teeth at night is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning. Without brushing your teeth at night, the food residue will remain in your teeth for a long time. The bacteria use this as a nutrient to grow and multiply in large quantities. Moreover, the long -term intake of gassed drinks such as cola is also a bad habit of “destroying teeth”. Drinking Coke when the drinking water melts the minerals of the teeth from acidic substances such as glue, the cut surface of the teeth thickens, the teeth become fragile and sensitive, resulting in sensitivity and defect of the teeth, and some teeth are corroded by acidic substances or even lost teeth.

In addition, using teeth as tools to open wine bottles, rip out packaging bags, and break lines are all bad habits to damage teeth. The long -term hard bite will cause cracks on the surface of the teeth. When the teeth bite hard again one day, the strength increases sharply, and the cracks deepen further, the teeth will become loose, painful or uncomfortable.

Besides, we neglected dental diseases. Children and the elderly should check their teeth every six months, adults should check their teeth every year, and women who are ready to conceive should first check their teeth and then conceive. But people often neglect the health of their teeth every day, and only when I’m in a bad mood they can think of and go to the dentist.

Correct method of protection of teeth

It is said that brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening is a good way to protect your teeth, but many people brush their teeth in the wrong steps, otherwise it will not be clean, but it can also damage your gums.

For molars behind both sides, the contact surfaces of the two sets of teeth shall be brushed gently, back and forth, and both sides shall be brushed. When brushing your teeth, we must pay attention to the force, not to the force of a tractor saw, which leads to a strong wear of some teeth around your neck. Choose as much soft fur as possible.Spazzolino.If you can’t master the strength, you can choose an electric brush that can rotate flexibly in your mouth and have more cleanliness.

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