How much is a dental implant? Can dental implants last a lifetime?

A person will only change their teeth once in their life. After permanent tooth eruption, no matter whether due to accidental breakage or oral diseases that need to be removed, teeth will not grow back. However, tooth loss often involves a lot of inconveniences and potential health risks at this time, dental restoration is essential. Dental implantation is considered one of the most ideal methods of dental restoration. For dental implants, many people pay close attention to their price and lifespan.
How much is a dental implant?

The dental implant refers to a kind of dental prosthesis that is based on the lower structure of bone tissue implanted to support and maintain the superior dental prosthesis.As it does not destroy adjacent teeth and has a better function than traditional pressure, The dental implant has been recognized as the preferred method of restoring missing teeth in dentistry. Its function and aesthetic are almost the same as natural teeth, and it is also called the third pair of human teeth.
Of course, the dental system also has its shortcomings, i.e. the price is more expensive, which goes from thousands to tens of thousands, specifically related to the following factors:

Material plant: Plant comprises three parts: plant, steam and crown. Among these, the highest price is the plant, in general, the price of imported plant is higher.

Patient specific conditions: different oral conditions, the growth of missing teeth, the number and position of missing teeth are different. The difficulty of operation will also lead to significant differences in the price of the installations. Some patients suffer from oral diseases and need treatment before dental implants.

Dental implant

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