Can dental implants last a lifetime?

Is the success rate of dental implants high?

Currently, the ten -year success rate of dental implants can reach more than 90%, and the five -year success rate is higher than 95%. Moreover, since the end of the seventies, longer dental implants have been used for more than forty years. If patients can use them healthily, it is possible for life.

Does diabetes affect your teeth?

The reason for the relaxation of the implant is that the inflammation occurred around the implant and the bone resorption, i.e. the alveolar bone under atrophy. Without the foundation, the implant cannot be repaired properly, and will melt and fall.Bone inflammation and resorption are mainly caused by the following factors: parodontal disease; inflammation of the alveolar bones; unhealthy gum; poor position or direction of the bones plants; smoking; hyperglycaemia.

For patients, the specific reasons for loss of implant teeth should be further investigated to confirm. Diabetes mellitus is one of the risk factors for failure of the dental system, but if blood sugar control is normal, will not affect the treatment of the dental implant.

Dental implant

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